10 Reasons Women’s Clothing Doesn’t Have Pockets

Don’t you think it would make things simpler if everyone had access to large, deep pockets at all times? It’s too bad for you if you dress like a woman. For quite some time, ladies have had a hard time locating clothing with functional pockets. It has long baffled me how this could be the case. I’ve done some research, and I think I’ve narrowed it down to 10 reasons why pockets are so hard to find in women’s clothing.

Women will be able to carry more cash in their purses and raise their pressure for equal pay as a result. Keep the economy in mind. If suddenly more women have access to financial resources, things could get out of hand very quickly.

Once you give a woman something, she will always want more, according to a forgotten children’s book. “If you give a woman pockets, she’s going to beg for the vote,” it says on one page. When given the chance, she will use her feelings to cast a vote. Thus, we do not have pockets so that society may remain sane.

A lady who is hiding her hands may be signaling that she is either saying “I love you” or “I’m on birth control” by crossing her fingers. By definition, we are all pathological liars.

Women will use the change in their pockets to cast a magical spell that will transport them to a world where no one questions her fundamental reproductive rights or whether or not the lead character in a successful franchise should be a woman. Don’t ask me where this world is since I have no idea.

Ladies can reduce their use of the Big Bag Industry by using pockets instead than carrying heavy purses. The Big Bag regularly revamps its look and employs influential lobbyists in Washington, DC. They bankroll lawmakers to maintain taxes high on pocket production on women’s pants, making that industry unprofitable for producers.

The influential guys who set the rules for what’s considered fashionable believe that babies are fastened to their moms by their purses rather than their umbilical cords. A woman who demands pocket change is effectively rejecting her genetic make-up.

Men worry that once women discover the warm embrace of pockets, they will no longer grasp their men’s sweaty hands in public. In that case, men won’t know for sure if the other men they encounter know that the lady who is avoiding eye contact by keeping her hands in her pockets is already taken. How else can a claim be identified?

Pockets are the main reason why more and more ladies are starting to wear pants. Men won’t be able to stop thinking about her butt once she dons an item of clothing designed to draw attention to it. And her mind will wander to her privates. Our chastity is being protected by the fashion police who forbid us from having a convenient way to hold chapstick.

Pepper spray will be more accessible to women, making them safer from assault. Without stalking them, they have no way of knowing you’re interested in dating them. Men will be reluctant to approach women late at night to see if they would like to go on a date due to the prevalent use of pockets. The result is that they will never tie the knot. They will be sterile forever and unable to have children. Populations are expected to shrink. The human race will eventually become extinct. And it was all for the sake of a minority of female fashionistas who desired pant and blazer pockets.

Women have been so accustomed to having their own pockets that it has been overlooked by clothes designers for the past century.