5 Fashion Mistakes That Women Despise Most When Worn by Men

It takes a lot of introspection to get from being a young man in his teens to an established adult in his career. Developing a unique sense of style from which to express yourself is an integral part of this process. While it’s true that everyone has their own distinct sense of style, there are a few fashion “Don’ts” that should be avoided at all costs (especially if you’re hoping to win the hearts of the ladies).

In my line of work, the vast majority of my coworkers were male nerds, so I was privy to their many fashion faux pas. Fortuitously, you’ve found this page, since now I can tell you everything I couldn’t tell them! 5 common fashion mistakes that men often make, but which women would never consider.

Loose Trousers

This is a style that no self-respecting adult would ever choose. Whether the choice was deliberate or accidental is irrelevant. Both losing 20 pounds and failing to buy new clothes three sizes smaller are unflattering, but especially the former. To add insult to injury, you won’t be able to fix your baggy jeans by pulling in your belt even tighter. Scrunching it up at the waist is the only way to do it, and the result is an unnatural silhouette everywhere else.

Choose a pair of jeans that fits you properly so that you may pass as a male.

Two Pairs of Shorts and Long Socks
Wearing long socks with shorts is only permitted if you are a professional soccer player. Get a few pairs of cut-off socks to wear with your workout shorts and other casual bottoms. Liner options for summer slip-ons are plentiful, and some are so thin that they’re barely noticeable.

Sandals with Socks

Socks with sandals are akin to wearing long socks with shorts but aren’t nearly as rude. The pairing is not only odd, but it says, “I don’t care,” and it’s never beautiful when someone clearly doesn’t care about their appearance.

Go get a pedicure at the nail shop if your swollen feet are making you feel self-conscious. In addition to removing dirt and debris from your toenails, the nail technicians will also massage your feet. Now you may finally step out in public wearing sandals the right way. To their inner selves, at least, the women will be grateful.

T-Shirts with Folds and Snags

This one has nothing to do with fashion faux pas and everything to do with avoiding looking tacky. People who don’t bother to iron their clothes give off the appearance that they are unclean.

The small amount of time spent ironing your clothes the night before will pay off in spades in the morning, especially in the workplace where first impressions are everything.

Dress Pants and Athletic Shoes

Every action has its proper context, so listen up, fellas. This holds truest for your shoes. Shoes designed for athletic use were created for sports including running, basketball, tennis, and others.

For formal events, you should invest in at least one pair of quality shoes. Wear them on a fancy date with a pair of good dress pants and a crisp, well-ironed dress shirt.

As you can see, these 5 simple changes won’t cost you an arm and a leg, but they’ll have a major impact on your own style. As a gentleman, you should give off an air of cleanliness, self-assurance, prosperity, sexiness, and friendliness. The feminine gender finds that appealing.

I really hope my advice was useful to you. Check out my other pieces for more helpful advice.