Colour at the Gardrobe: the impact of colour in fashion

Colour at the Gardrobe: the impact of colour in fashion – Fashion is not only about shapes and styles, but also about the magic of colour. Colours have a huge impact on our mood, the way we dress and the overall impression of our appearance. The coordinated use of colour can amplify the message of fashion and express our personality. That’s why colour selection and combination play such an important role in our wardrobes.



The first step is to understand the meaning of colours and the emotional impact they have. For example, some colours convey energy and vitality, while others convey calm and elegance. Below we look at some of the basic colours and their impact on fashion:

Red: Red is a passionate and powerful colour that conveys confidence and attention. This colour is extremely attractive and striking and can be the perfect choice for evening dresses, red lipstick or jewellery. Red is a colour that expresses self-confidence and assertiveness, and when worn it creates a special effect.

Blue: Blue is the colour of calm and stability. This colour conveys freshness and purity and is particularly popular in men’s and women’s trousers, blouses and shirts. Shades of light blue convey freshness and playfulness, while navy blue conveys elegance and authority.

Yellow: yellow is a cheerful and serene colour that radiates happiness and positive energy. This colour is perfect for spring and summer collections and reflects a light, free spirit. Yellow garments, accessories or even a yellow bag can brighten up the look and radiate cheerfulness.

Black: black is the colour of classic elegance and mystery. It suits any occasion and helps to achieve a charismatic and timeless look. Black garments such as a little black dress or a black suit are always stylish and elegant.

Green: green is the colour of nature and freshness. It is a colour that radiates harmony and balance, and can be found in many shades in fashion. Vibrant shades of green convey energy and vitality, while pastel greens convey calm and harmony.

Pink: Pink is a romantic and feminine colour, often associated with a youthful and playful look. This colour can be the perfect choice for dresses, blouses or accessories to emphasise a feminine and soft look.



It is important to note that the impact of colour can be subjective and can vary depending on cultural differences. However, conscious use of colour in fashion allows us to express our personality, mood and style.

The combination of colours also plays an important role in fashion. A well-coordinated combination of colours allows us to highlight details in a garment or to create contrast in our look. Harmonious colour combinations, such as blue and white or black and gold, create a timeless and elegant effect.

Choosing colours is a way of expressing yourself and your creativity in fashion. We are all different and colour is the best way to bring out these differences. Whether it’s bright and bold colours or more subdued shades, colours give us the opportunity to express ourselves through our style and our look.