How to be fashionable?

How to be fashionable?

Being fashionable is a dream for many people, but sometimes it’s hard to find the right style and the best pieces in your wardrobe. Here are some tips to help you look fashionable and look good every time.

Know your style. Choose clothes that are comfortable and fit you well, and pieces that express your personality and lifestyle.

Let’s stick to the basics: the basic rules of fashionability include well-fitting clothes, looking clean and well-groomed, and using the right accessories. Well-fitting clothes enhance our shape, a clean and well-groomed appearance gives us confidence, while the right accessories accentuate our style.

Update your wardrobe: Fashion trends change over time, so it’s important to regularly update your wardrobe and clear out old, outdated pieces. Buy pieces that are comfortable, fashionable and fit your style.

Learn from fashion icons: Look at how fashion icons dress and draw inspiration from their style. Choose personalities whose style is close to our own and learn from them.

Be brave: being fashionable means daring to experiment and try new things.

Experimental fashion

Experimental fashion refers to clothes, accessories and styles that are risky and far from the ordinary. Such fashion is about creativity, self-expression and emphasising personality. Here’s how to incorporate experimental fashion into everyday life.

Know your own style. Choose clothes that are comfortable and that have a bit of bold lines or colour.

Dare to experiment: experimental fashion means daring to experiment and choose unique pieces. Be brave and dare to wear the clothes you’ve been afraid to wear.

Look for accessories: Accessories are very important in experimental fashion because they help to accentuate the style. Choose accessories that are bold and unique, such as colourful sunglasses, striking earrings or an exclusive suitcase.

Keep an eye on fashion trends: new fashion trends are constantly emerging and you can choose the one that suits you best. Look for the latest fashion trends and dare to incorporate them into your own style.

Don’t be afraid of colour: Colour is very important in experimental fashion because it can accentuate style. Dare to choose colourful pieces.