Wear blue Wear blue – In our everyday lives, we see different colours in the world around us. Have you ever wondered what the different colours mean? There is a whole science and art that explores the meaning of the colours.   The key to seeing blue skies is Rayleighread more

Versace Fall/Winter 2022-2023 Versace Fall/Winter 2022-2023  –  Gianni Versace S.r.l. usually referred to simply as Versace. Firstly this is an Italian luxury fashion company and trade name. This company founded by Gianni Versace in 1978. So the company produces upmarket Italian-made ready-to-wear and accessories, as well as haute couture piecesread more

The Fashion News Director Fashion News Director Rachel Tashjian is the fashion news director at Harper’s Bazaar. She works across print and digital platforms. Rachel was previously fashion critic for GQ. At Vanity Fair, she worked as deputy editor of GARAGE. She has written for publications such as Bookforum, ARtforum,read more

I was going to go to the Met Gala     I was going to go to the Met Gala – Now that Britney Spears’ 13-year caretaking period is over, she can finally enjoy her life more freely. Now she and Sam Ashgari can finally celebrate their engagement properly.  read more

The great dresses of fashion history Anne Hathway 2013 The great dresses of fashion history – Anne Hathaway won an Academy Award in 2013 for her performance in Les Misérables. So the dress she wore in 2013 received bad reviews at the time. Firstly it was reported online that theread more

Gucci Cosmogonie Gucci Cosmogonie – Alessandro Michele has staged a transcendental and non-historical revision of clothes. The Gucci Cosmogonies are an interstellar dream, reinforced by the philosophy of the constellations. Alessandro has never been a linear thinker. His collections have always been visual creations whose meaning is sometimes opaque. They needread more

Anne Hathaway makes her Cannes debut   Anne Hathaway makes her Cannes debut – The actress made her Cannes red carpet debut. Thousands of beautiful dresses were on show at the event. Yet Anne Hathaway found a way to stand out when she made her first appearance at the Cannesread more

  What is conscious beauty? We are increasingly using the term conscious beauty, but what does it really mean? It’s a term like clean or sustainable. There is no one definition of conscious beauty.   In 2022, sustainability and transparency are increasingly important values. We choose products from companies thatread more

  In winter, long dark days and cold nights contribute to the development of depression. We often hear the term winter depression used as a seasonal affective disorder. But summer depression is just as real.   Health experts say that summer depression in the summer months can be caused byread more

Everyone deserves the indulgence of living their daily life without stress and inner tension, so the feeling is worth the persistence and daily effort.

An amazing body shaping habit – All you need is a good pair of shoes and determination to take up this amazing body shaping habit, running. Even a quarter of an hour a day is enough to have a positive impact on your life. In case you are a beginnerread more

The secret to a glowing face – Have you ever been told that you just glow? Your complexion is glowing, so beautiful! It’s one of the best feelings when we are complimented on our beauty. We often forget to pamper ourselves in our busy, busy days. But everyone deserves toread more

Beauty care miracle cure

Beauty care miracle cure Beauty care miracle cure – The unused whites and yolks of eggs can be thought of as a beauty panacea. It contains so many vitamins and proteins that it’s just as versatile externally as it is in the kitchen.read more